How to travel from Prague airport to our house at Zahrebska st. 18 :
1) Direct transfer to our house by a limousine
    For you comfort, we can order a car to pick you from the airport directly to our
house. A driver will expect you in the hall of arrivals, in hand holding an orange
card with your name. The price is fixed - 585 CZK, or 24 EUR for 1 car (max. 4 pers.) and should be paid to the driver after the ride. It is much cheaper than the same way by taxi.

    To order the transfer, send us a brief request including : number of your flight, time of arrival and name which the driver should hold in his hand to recognize him. Your request will be processed in a short time and then we send you a transfer confirmation with a detailed instruction included.

    A return airport transfer in the same price can be ordered, too.
bus stop
2) Transport by public transport (bus and subway)
 There are two terminals at the airport. The passangers from EU flights are checked at the terminal 2, the other flights are forwarded to terminal 1.
The both terminals are interconnected, just a few min. to walk. Before the ride, you have to buy a ticket for
the public transport. You can buy the ticket in a slot machine, or in a newspaper (tabaco) shop. The ticket
machines are also just at the bus stop, but you need a coins for the machine. You can also buy the ticket
inside the bus at the driver, but it is a bit more expensive. To travel to our house you need a 40 CZK ticket
for each person. A baggage is free if the size is not higher then 25 x 45 x 70 cm. If any of the size is higher,
you have to buy a (children) ticket 16 CZK. Take the bus line no. 119, there is a terminal (final) stop of
the bus just at the airport. The bus leave around each 10 min. Remember to sign the ticket in a printer after
you enter to the bus (small yellow machines in the bus, stick the ticket inside to print the time and date),
then the ticket is valid for next 90 min., in the subway, too. Save the ticket well for the whole way.
bus stop
Bus stop at Terminal 1
bus stop
Bus stop at Terminal 2
    Go by the bus to the other terminal station - NADRAZI VELESLAVIN. There is an entrance to the stop of the subway line very nearby. The name of the subway stop is the same - NADRAZI VELESLAVIN. Take the subway train there (Direction "DEPO HOSTIVAR") and exit at NAMESTI MIRU stop.
"NADRAZI VELESLAVIN" bus and subway stop
Namesti Miru square
NAMESTI MIRU square - just a short walk to our house
    NAMESTI MIRU stop is located at the square of the same name, too. If you look at the map
of our house surrounding
, you can see the square in the middle of the top part. There is a church
on the square. If the main entrance of the church is behind your back, go forward to the down
left corner of the square, where Belgicka street begin. There is a pharmacy on the corner. Keep
going by Belgicka st. just 2 block of houses (3 min.) to the crossing with the Zahrebska st.
There is a hotel Citybell on the corner, our house no. 18 is just the next
house (go to left - up, about 15 meters). Ring at the doorbell signed by
"MACHEK apartments". You will hear me in the speaker and I will come
to open in a minute.
    The whole way from the airport to the apartment should take about 45 minutes. Pay attention to your baggagers and
pockets in the bus and subway, please. You can also take a taxi, if so, take a yellow cab of AAA company, the cars are
ready in front of the halls of arrivals. Correct price is max. 800 CZK (30 €), depending on a traffic. Also, if you need
to change some cash at the airport, change only a necessary minimum, as the course is really very poor there.
our house
Our house at Zahrebska 18
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